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Do you want to get connected to something bigger than you?

If you do, we believe a highly relational marketplace ambassador experience will rock your world! Click on this  Resolve link and and enter your name and email.   We are all about equipping you to be more effective as an ambassador in the marketplace.

Our hope is that you will take the time to walk through this website to familiarize yourself with the many ways that the Marketplace Ambassador Initiative can help you as an ambassador in the marketplace to navigate through the tough decisions and complex issues in your work life.


Whether you are seeking an opportunity to go deeper in your faith journey in having someone to walk with you or you are available to step up and invest in someone else's life; our one on one discipleship course called Operation Timothy could very well be a life changer for you.

Trusted Advisors

As a Leader, you do not need to be alone in facing challenges and problems. There are other leaders seeking to follow Christ in the workplace who are willing to meet with you. 

Trusted Advisors is a group of peers which meet monthly with the purpose of:

  • Helping solve difficult business issues from a biblical perspective
  • Providing accountability to match policies and actions to God's Word
  • Discuss and implementing biblical based strategies

 Connect 3 Groups

We have Men and Women's groups in which ambassadors come together to connect with God, one another and with the cause of the gospel.

Click on this Connect 3 link to find out where and when the groups meet.


Click on our Directory link in the Menu bar to access those businesses in our community which do not apologize for their faith in Christ.  These are organizations which are led by men and of women of integrity.

Seminars and Leadership Coaching are available for our members on request.

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